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HVAC Repair in Jacksonville, AR - Bostic Heating & Air

Reliable HVAC Repair in Jacksonville, AR

Call Bostic Heating & Air if you need HVAC repair in Jacksonville, AR. When you hire us, we will complete your air conditioner and heating repair with the right parts and tools. Call or email us for quality assistance.

Fixing & Replacing Units

If your heating or cooling equipment isn't working as it should, let us fix it. Before we start AC repair or your heating repair in Jacksonville, AR, we first come to your location and inspect it. We look at everything to determine what is causing the operation issue including checking the Freon level. If we find a leak, we'll get right to work.

To fix the problem, we check to see if your unit is made from copper or aluminum. There is a higher chance of repair for heaters and air conditioners made of copper. When we fix these units, we typically do it on-site in a timely manner. However, if parts need to be ordered, we will tackle the heater and AC repair the next day.

For products that can't be fixed, we offer replacement services. Our experts have the skills to replace any piece of equipment.


We want to help you stay within your budget. Because of this, we only charge $75.00 plus tax for all of our service calls. We also waive our service fee for replacements.

Call us today for any needed HVAC repair.  We will let you know if it is better to fix it or replace it!